Should Sunak Hike Taxes or Cut Spending?

Rishi Sunak's budget has caused a fair share of controversy before it's even been delivered. The Chancellor is reportedly looking to raise taxes to claw back much of the cash which has been dished out over the past year by way of furlough and in grants. The measures are set to include an increase in corporation tax, which is a tax on the profits of big business, a windfall tax for supermarkets and companies like Amazon, in addition to potentially freezing the planned rise in the income tax threshold. Labour leader Keir Starmer and his Shadow Chancellor have made clear their opposition to any tax rises. Dodds delivered a pre-budget speech in which she argued that in the three months from September to November... redundancies hit almost 400,000 — an all-time record," which she branded the "Sunak effect". She continued to say that "Every major international organisation is in agreement — now is not the time for tax rises on struggling businesses or families". If you want to see a comprehensive analysis of what is likely to be in the budget, you can do so here. Polling shows that just 9% agree with the Labour party that corporate taxes should not increase. So we want to know what you think - should Sunak raise taxes, cut spending, or simply do neither? Let us know your thoughts in the Just Debate poll below.

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