POLL: Should The UK Ban Religious Slaughter?

The Flanders government in northern Belgium introduced a law preventing animals from being slaughtered without first being stunned. In response, religious groups have risen to object to the prohibition, and the dispute has now been settled in the European Court of Justice. The EU have ruled in favour of the ban, marking a victory for animal rights activists, and a blow to religious campaigners.

As the BBC reports:

‘…nationalist animal welfare minister Ben Weyts saying "we're today writing history". Animal rights group Gaia said it was a great day and the culmination of a 25-year struggle.’

‘Under the requirements of Muslim halal slaughter or Jewish shechita, an animal's throat is slit quickly with a surgically sharp knife while it is still conscious.

EU law, along with UK law, already requires animals to be stunned before being killed, unless the meat is intended for Muslims or Jews, and then only in approved abattoirs’

Do you back the EU’s decision to uphold the banning of Halal and Kosher in Flanders? Ought the UK to go further on this question, and itself ban the religious slaughter of animals? Or are these measures infringements on religious and civil liberties? Let us know in the Just Debate Poll below.



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