Poll: Should Deportations Of Foreign Born Criminals Go Ahead?

On the 2nd of December, 50 foreign born criminals are set to be deported from the UK, to Jamaica. The Telegraph reports of the 50 individuals criminal records that:

'A breakdown of the 50 Jamaicans’ criminal records included two life sentences, counted at 20 years each, and totalled 294 years of prison sentences.'

They also report that nobody who arrived in the UK before the age of 12 will be on the flight.

However the move is being met with opposition, with 91 prominent black figures signing a letter urging airlines not to cooperate with the Home Office in carrying out the deportation. Signatories include historian David Olusoga, and model Naomi Campbell, according to the Metro. In their letter, they highlighted the fact that:

'By way of example, one of the men deported from the UK to Jamaica on a charter flight operated by Evelop in Feburary 2020 was the grandson of a woman who arrived on the HMT Empire Windrush and is still seeking to have his deportation order revoked.’

Additionally they cited a poll by SavantaComres, which reportedly indicates 77% of the public agree with the idea that people who have 'spent the majority of their lives in Britain' should not be deported.

With an urgent question on the issue tabelled by Labour in the House of Commons today, we want to know your views on the planned deportation - Should it go ahead or not?

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