Poll: Do voters approve of footballers taking the knee?

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Controversy has broken out amid the reaction of football fans to their reactions to footballers 'taking the knee' before kickoff at matches. Although much of the media focus has been concentrated on Millwall, boos also broke out at Colchester, and reportedly at West Ham V Man U.

With FIFA and many senior football players of past and present condemning the action, we took a look what the wider public thinks of the gesture.

YouGov polled voters back in September of this year, and found more people favour taking the knee than don't, 49% to 41%. Interesting to note in the breakdown of these stats is that there is a clear class divide: The middle class support taking the knee (56% to 35%) while working class respondents oppose it (48% to 39%).

However in an Opinium poll of 2000 Britons featured in the Guardian, 55% of those polled said BLM has exacerbated racial tensions, and only 17% disagreed.

Polling indicates most voters back taking the knee, are skeptical about the accomplishments of BLM, but broadly support its aims and the movement as a whole.

We want to get a clearer image of what people are thinking, so have your say in the Just Debate poll below and let us know what your thoughts.


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