Labour Launch Scathing Attack on The Conservative’s Border Policy

Labour has launched a scathing attack on what they have branded ‘open borders’ ahead of May’s local elections.

As the Time’s Eleni Courea reports:

‘Labour is using this Facebook advert to target Red Wall voters tomorrow ahead of its motion calling for hotel quarantine for all arrivals. The vote puts the govt in an awkward position because dozens of its own MPs privately agree with it — including home sec Priti Patel’

Labour's new social media attack ad

The move marks a decisive break with Labour’s previous position on the border, which has until now been best described as ambiguous. The new adverts could prove effective in winning back the support of Red Wall voters, and likely signal the beginning of a ramping up of rhetoric from both sides ahead of a key vote on quarantine for international arrivals.

Are Labour right to criticise the government on what they are deeming lax border policies?

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