Is Piers Morgan the World's Biggest Hypocrite?

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

BREAKING: Piers in SS uniform shame Editor's update: 13/06/2020:

Three days on from our author claiming that Piers Morgan is the world's biggest hypocrite, we have to introduce a slight correction. Having now been exposed in freshly revealed images of having dressed up as a Nazi SS Officer, we have found one thing that Mr. Morgan has been consistent on for some years; having defended Paul Hollywood for a similar offence in 2017:

Headline via NME
Piers in freshly exposed images of having dressed up as an SS Officer

The ideological cha-cha slide of Piers Morgan, sliding to the left, then quickly sliding to the right, has confused us all. Fresh from the rip-roaring success that was 2019, Piers Morgan has once again hit the reset button on his political and moral convictions; in a move which sees him put his TV ratings above all else, which is to the surprise of absolutely no one. Less than a year on from his ground-breaking exposé on Gregg’s vegan sausage rolls and his seminal contribution to gender studies by proclaiming himself a “two-spirit, neutrois, pangender, penguin.” In 2020, Morgan has undergone a character regeneration which even Doctor Who would be proud of. From snowflake-hating, bastion of the anti-pc brigade, to a vehement critic of the Conservative and Trump governments, also finding time in between to perform a screeching handbrake U-turn on his attitude to Black Lives Matter.

A protégé of Rupert Murdoch, the Australian media mogul made him Britain’s youngest ever Newspaper Editor at 28 at the News of the World. After two years he moved to the Daily Mirror, where he was for ten years. However, he was sacked in disgrace after the newspaper published photos of British soldiers urinating on dead Iraqis, which later turned out to have been fabricated. He also found himself at the embroiled in Britain’s phone-hacking scandal. Following this disgrace, he tried his luck across the pond, befriending Donald Trump as he won the first series of Celebrity Apprentice and eventually getting his own CNN chat-show. Once again, his controversial style became too much and after a petition was signed by 150,000 Americans to deport Morgan, and he subsequently lost his spot on CNN.

The Hoax front page published by Piers which led to his sacking

He once again graced us Brits with his exuberating journalistic talent. In his latest role as co-host of GMB, he has taken aim at ‘rabid feminists’, vegans, trans-people, male mental health, the Chinese language, Meghan Markle, and anyone deemed unpatriotic, guaranteeing an equally constant stream of viewings and Ofcom complaints.

It is all well and good Piers being a self-styled champion of the people and taking the government and Trump to task over the protests sparked by the tragic killing of George Floyd. However, you cannot help but question his motives.


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The hypocrisy which has underlined his scatter-gun ideological stance undermines any credibility he could find with supporters of any one group. Employing the typical populist rhetoric, Piers will make ‘common sense’ arguments and creates a distinction between the ‘good British people’ who he claims to speak for, and a pantomime villain who we should all unite against.

Black Lives Matter

Emblematic of this hypocrisy is him hijacking a cause he knows nothing of and has no association with. His support for Black Lives Matter is utterly disingenuous. You only have to look towards the tweets he posted in 2016 regarding the movement, or the disgusting media bullying he has perpetrated against Meghan Markle and Diane Abbott (which he has since abandoned in favour of a new target; Priti Patel).

A collection of his tweets from 2016 regarding BLM include;

“Where are the Black Lives Matter protests for a murdered black cop?”

“The #BlackLivesMatter movement is now inspiring black men to shoot black men. Enough.”

“ALL lives matter. > RT @marclamonthill ALL black lives matter.”

In a show of such hypocrisy, on June 3rd, he branded Labour MP Barry Gardiner “Reckless & irresponsible” for tweeting that he joined the Black Lives Matter protests, but ONE day later he tweeted to show his support for his son taking part in the demonstrations. Where is the consistency?


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This is also a man who in 2016 claimed; “Muhammad Ali said far more inflammatory/racist things about white people than Donald Trump has ever said about Muslims.” Fast forward four years and the picture is completely different. On June 7th he retweeted a link to a video of Ali speaking about racial injustice in America, sandwiched in between tweets about the ineptitude of Trump. This reversal defies belief. Whether the message Morgan is putting out there about the Black Lives Movement is correct now or not, the previous comments he has made mean he is fundamentally not the right messenger to be delivering it.

In possibly the worst mobilisation of the cause so far, he recently tweeted "I was caught speeding today, on my way to the #PPGolf charity day. No complaints, I was late, rushing & in the wrong. The police officers who stopped me were respectful, polite & treated me with dignity. This black man got none of those things. What an inhuman disgrace." Again, whilst the message he is conveying is a positive one, critics have pointed out that the move is essentially him hijacking a black person being brutalised to distract from his own misdemeanour, before the tabloids could publish the speeding ticket story first. Re-framing the narrative and beating the red-tops to the punch.


Piers Morgan has had a long-standing relationship with Donald Trump. Back in 2016, his Twitter display picture was a photo of him posing with the US president, looking like a teenager proud of his prom date. Since then he has been belligerent in his defence of the American president, a stance which has helped preserve his status as the only man in the UK to secure an interview with him in 2018.

However, this year has seen a souring in relations; Trump has reportedly unfollowed Morgan on Twitter, and GMB hosted a bitter, expletive-ridden interview with Trump’s lawyer and former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Trumps rhetoric has changed little in the time during their falling out; he stoked the fires of racial tensions to garner support back then, and he still does now. What has changed is Trump cutting ties with Piers. It no longer makes sense to support a man who can’t give you an exclusive interview. So, what does Piers do instead of interviewing him to guarantee ratings? Attacks him.

Piers' friendship with Trump has declined in direct correlation with the President's poll ratings

You only have to go as far back as August 2019, to see Morgan give an interview with notorious right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro, where he still possesses great admiration and support for the president. Morgan claimed, “populism is rising because liberals have become unbearable”. Extending on this point, he said that liberalism has become “a kind of version of Fascism…It takes forceful personalities to rise above it, Donald Trump rose up.” In this nonsensical argument, he presents Trump as an anti-fascist because he stands up to the ‘repressive PC-culture’ of modern liberals. I wonder if he still feels the same.

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Moreover, Morgan recently wrote an article arguing against the actions of Trump, and he expressed his outrage that Trump was trying to compare his response to COVID-19 and BLM protests to Winston Churchill in WWII. He even used the political haymaker of bringing up the President’s evasion of the draft for the Vietnam war to emphasise his point. Perhaps even stranger, he called on the message of Meghan Markle - the woman he referred to as a “social climbing actress” who “landed the role of her life” marrying Prince Harry - to back up his message. The reversal is as symptomatic of the problem as is the one with Muhammad Ali.

He's in it for the ratings

Effectively, Piers Morgan goes where the ratings and the interviews are. It would be great to believe that he had gone through a latter-day Christmas Carol transformation, haunted by the ghost of Christmas snowflakes, and put his efforts towards a more constructive pursuit than bashing feminists, trans people, liberals and vegans. But the blaring contradictions in his stance now to his stance of a few years, and in some cases months ago suggest this is not the case. This is an ego-driven, rating-conscious choice. Black Lives Matter need authority figures driving support and their message both in the US and UK. But Piers Morgan is no such mouthpiece. His efforts should be seen as wholly disingenuous. He is not an ally, but a mercenary.

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