Is Britain Racist?

A recent Yougov poll showed that 52% of British people would describe their country as either 'fairly' or 'very' racist. This in stark contrast to just 6% who told the surveyor they did not feel Britain was racist at all.

Looking at the data by region, London marked the highest number of respondents who answered in the affirmative when asked if Britain was 'very' racist, at 14%. In the rest of the south, this number was just 6%.

The recent BLM protests across the UK have caused controversy. Some say that this is a US issue, others say the UK has culpability.

Protesters face off with the Met

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Delving deeper into the YouGov survey we find Leavers thought the country was less racist than Remainers, and young people felt the country was more racist than old old people did.

The Yougov survey results in full

Sky News reports on the Black Lives Matter protests

Having looked at the YouGov poll, we want to know what you think. Do you think Britain is a racist country, and if not, why not? Vote in the Just Debate poll and have your say! Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are on the issue.

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