Farage Blasts BLM Protests - Labour Back them: Who is Right?

Following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police, protests have broken out across the world. With mass gatherings and sporadic violence breaking out across the UK, we examine the debate:

Nigel Farage: Protests Must Stop

Nigel Farage has this morning used his platform on LBC radio to criticise the protests for having descended into "violence and vandalism". He went on to describe the scenes as a "complete breakdown of law and order".

Though Farage said he did not doubt the intentions of many who attended, he criticised the desecration of the Cenotaph, and Churchill's statue, which occurred on the 76th anniversary of D-Day. He described them as the "worst scenes he had seen in his lifetime" and lamented the fact a dozen police have been injured, some very seriously.

Farage argued that the Black Lives Matter movement is of the 'hard left' and is, "above all an anti-police organisation". He argued one of the key aims of the movement was to "stop public funding of the police" and is fundamentally Marxist.

Farage then presented data which claimed proved as a fact, that you are more likely to die in police custody in the UK if you are white, than if you are black.

Farage was scathing in his critique

He argued that statistically, in the US you are more likely to die at the hands of the police, if you are white, than if you are black. Criticising the role of the media he said they had downplayed the gatherings in every way, including the risks which pertain to COVID-19.

Farage was withering in his critiques of leadership, both on Sadiq Khan who he said was "encouraging" the protests and he described Boris Johnson as AWOL. Referring to the protests set to occur later today outside the US embassy he said violence was all but certain. He argued if this was any other organisation, the protest would not be allowed to go ahead. He put the question to his listeners: should this protest be allowed to go ahead?

Labour: Supporting the protests

Labour MP's have come out in support of the Black Lives Matter protests in recent days, such as Barry Gardiner and Dawn Butler, both of whom attended gatherings:

Dawn Butler went on to write in the Metro that any spike as a result of these protests would be the fault of the government:

However the Labour party position was not clear until this morning when Shadow Minister Lisa Nandy appeared on the BBC's Andrew Marr programme to declare her support for the ongoing protests. For a Shadow Minister to appear on a flagship programme would not have been possible without explicit approval from the top of the Labour party.

Lisa Nandy told the Marr Show that the ability to protest was all part of being in a free society. She encouraged people to social distance and take precautions, though insisted she was "proud" of those who attended and said the situation was one which demanded people take an "active stance" against racism.

Further to this Nandy talked about her own experiences with racism, and said young people were right to "raise their voices and demand change".

Lisa Nandy speaking on Marr this morning

Responding to Sajid Javid's comments in the Sunday Times, she said you are 9 times more likely to be searched if you come from a BAME background, and that 183 people had died in police custody in the last 30 years.

WATCH: Protests were largely peaceful

Nandy spoke of riots which occurred as she was growing up, many of which she said were sparked from a lack of opportunity in the BAME community.

She criticised what she dubbed the "silence of the Prime Minister" she said you "cannot be silent in the face of this", and that you "Must take an active stand".


With the Labour party backing these protests, and Farage slamming them, we ask you, who is right? Have your say and vote in the Just Debate Poll. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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