Does the Public Support the Rwanda Plan?

Updated: May 15

English Channel crossings have surged over the past two years. Sky News reports that as of April this year, 5,000 migrants had made the journey, that's five times as many as last year.

Just Debate first covered this story in March of 2020. Since then, the demand for a solution has risen in tandem with the rise in crossings.

A Sky News report on the dangerous crossings

The government made an ill-fated attempt to give UK Border Force the power to turn back boats. This move was ultimately shelved in the face of a High Court challenge and trade union opposition.

The government's latest attempt is the Rwanda Plan. The idea is that those who enter the UK illegally, will be deported to Rwanda. The government hopes this will deter further crossings, and relieve stress on the hotels and Army bases that house them. The cost of hotel accommodation for cross-Channel migrants is said to be five Billion per year.

Alternative accommodation is also proving to be a source of consternation for many. Residents of a Yorkshire village are protesting plans to introduce 1,500 migrants into an RAF base adjacent to their small town of just over 1,000 residents.

As of the 14th of May, Boris Johnson is reported to have vowed the first 50 migrants will be deported within two weeks. However, the Prime Minister is expecting legal challenges, according to comments he made to the Daily Mail, but has pledged to 'dig in'.

On the other hand, the opposition Labour party has opposed the Rwanda plan. Keir Starmer has blamed the increase in crossings on the government's foreign aid cut. In order to reduce the number of illegal crossings, the Labour leader is calling for more safe and legal routes.

Starmer slams planned deportations as a desperate distraction

Labour are joined in their opposition to government proposals by the Liberal Democrats, the SNP, a number of trade unions, and charity groups, such as Care4Calais.

So we're asking you - do you support the Rwanda Plan? Vote in our poll below and have your say.

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